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About us


INKA NATION TRAVEL is a travel agency with more than 18 years of experience in the tourism industry. Since its creation, the main objective was to provide quality travel services to business and leisure travelers. The agency is one of the exponents in the travel industry. It has all the authorizations required to operate in the city of Cusco and Peru.

INKA LAND TRAVEL we are a team of hospitality professionals that offers programs adapted to your needs and personalized assistance 24 hours a day. We offer travel packages to the most recognized places in Peru. We organize tours in different modalities: Cultural and Traditional Tourism. Adventure travel. Ecological tourism and experiential tourism


The goal of INKA LAND TRAVEL is to provide our clients with the best hospitality services with great responsibility and experience. Our travel agency has ethical principles that will guarantee the satisfaction of our clients. We have strategic allies in the tourism industry, such as local airlines and rail service, with experience in hotels, restaurants and transportation. Our tour guides have a lot of experience at local, regional, national and international level, which allows us to offer high level tourist services.


Provide the best travel experience in the market, exceeding the expectations of our customers minimizing the impact that affects the environment (energy saving and recycling). Our personalized attention, good communication and speed in our services are important pillars to fulfill this mission while realizing your illusion of living and enjoying unique experiences to achieve the full satisfaction of our customers. A mission that will have an impact on the growth of our business and the profitability of the company, based on aspects such as the implementation of new technologies that improve productivity, provide services and promote multichannel. The continuous training of our team is very important for them to continue providing the best possible service. The containment of spending, since it directly impacts the profitability of the Organization, as well as the adaptation to a market of constant changes that implies continuous challenges to gain efficiency.


To consolidate ourselves as leaders in the receptive, national, international, holiday and corporate sector, offering original programs with competitive rates, showing diversity and a wide range of activities that we have to offer to all types of travelers. Therefore, become a multichannel travel agency and be a reference in the different countries of America, offering quality and guarantee, based on the values ​​of INKA LAND TRAVEL and our human capital.